Email Marketing Automation

Never miss an opportunity again. Build on your email marketing, create automated behavioural campaigns that nurture meaningful relationships, craft your pipeline and drive conversions. Spend less time on repetitive tasks and scale up your email marketing efforts with ease.

Workflow Builder

Use contact data to your advantage. Easily build intelligent email marketing automation solutions that send campaigns based on behaviour, data profile and your custom segments.

Drag & Drop Editor

No HTML knowledge required, build simple or complex bespoke email marketing automation solutions in just a few clicks, visually mapping out the optimum customer journey.

Delays & Decisions

Create automated email marketing systems and workflows that move contacts towards your goals at their own speed. Taking their personal behaviour and interaction into account, decide how to support each contact’s unique customer journey.

Triggered Emails

The email marketing automation tools you need to schedule activity including autoresponder emails for timely communications triggered by contact behaviour, engagement, or profiling.

Track Engagement

With our email marketing automation services, you can combine the advanced workflow builder with WebTrack to deliver content based on pages viewed or time on site.

Smart Segments

Use contact data to your advantage. With advanced segmentation, your targeting options are endless. Send your contacts personalised email content based on their individual preferences, using their own behaviours to improve the targeting of your messaging and campaigns.

Workflow Reporting

Better management of your email marketing automation; understand how your audience travels through the workflow, where they drop out and where new contacts are added to further optimise your customer journey.

Nurture opportunity, generate leads

From web sign up auto-responders to lead nurturing programmes and even retargeting campaigns, lead your contacts through a smooth and engaging customer journey with our email marketing automation software.

Lead Nurturing

Take care of your contacts, guiding them towards conversion with conversational, automated email marketing campaigns. Using a combination of sends, delays and decisions, build brand loyalty and nurture leads until they’re ready to be passed over to your sales team.

Lead Scoring

Wired Plus’ email marketing automation software allows you to focus your efforts on hot prospects, identifying those who are engaged, more likely to convert and, ultimately, who will drive a return. Identify interest and feed your sales team on the same page. Rank your contacts, scoring actions against your bespoke criteria to reflect high engagement with your brand, product or service.

Nurture leads with email marketing automation from Wired Plus. Request a free demo.

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