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TGI Fridays Email

TGI Fridays Email


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TGI Fridays Christmas Cocktail Email

Fancy some food and a cocktail or two? I thought you might!

Now that I’ve got your attention, we are going to take a look at TGI Fridays Christmas Cocktail email in our latest daily email inspiration blog post.  Take a look at the campaign below then delve straight into the heart of our review! [Tweet This]

TGI Friday Christmas Email Campaign

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Layout and Design  8 Stars

The TGI Friday Christmas Cocktail email presents the information in a logical and visually appealing layout. The key message, that the email recipient can try the new Christmas Cocktails for just £3.99, is viewable above the fold when viewed on both mobile and desktop.

The TGI Friday brand use a red and white colour scheme across all media relating to their company. Consistent with this theme, each part of the email uses a variation on these colours to give a branded and festive feel.

The email has one clear purpose – to drive Christmas sales. The campaign has been structured in an inverted pyramid format, placing the most appealing features of their offer at the top of the email. The language used in the email body further engages the reader in the details of the offer and the benefit they may experience by booking earlier than the 27th November.  Finally, the user can click through to the TGI Friday website through the call to action buttons at the bottom of the email body.

Copywriting  9 Stars

The preview text makes excellent use of the space in the inbox and contains highly useful information for the email recipient. Even before the email recipient opens the email, the preview text encourages them to make a booking before the offer expires.  Take a look at how the email appears in the inbox below:

TGI Fridays Email Preview Text

Email recipients are prompted to ‘be quick’ both in the preview text and the body of the email, making the email recipient want to visit a TGI Friday restaurant before the end of the offer (spoiler: If your mouth is watering at the prospect of free Prosecco, the offer has already ended. I know, we’re gutted too)!

The email also makes use of contrasting ideas in the alliteration ‘magic and mischief’ which gives the idea that the TGI Friday’s offer is a real treat to be savoured.  This is developed further with the idyllic description of a restaurant visit as ‘the perfect way to kick off the festive fun’.

The copy in the email footer is short but presents the brand in a responsible light as it contains the Drinkaware message. This message is relevant to the email which promotes the Christmas Cocktail Menu.

Visuals and Images  9 Stars

In short, we really like the appearance of the TGI Friday campaign.

When viewed in a desktop browser, the above the fold segment of the email is dominated by the large feature image. The feature image contains the cocktails which are included in the offer and can be clicked to book a table.

The main image that has been used in the email campaign is in keeping with the brand colours and the visual effect of the glistening lights in the image background give the impression that the image is taken in front of a Christmas tree.

Although the email renders well when viewed on a mobile device, we felt that the text in the email header was slightly too small. This small size of the icons also reduces the size of the link hotspot of each header item making it slightly more difficult to navigate from the email on a mobile device.

Overall, however, TGI Friday’s use of a festive, contextually relevant image with brand colours running throughout the whole email, gives a very positive impression.

Personalisation and Segmentation  6 Stars

The TGI Friday’s email campaign contains very little personalisation. A dynamic data field has been used to include the recipient’s first name in the opening line of the email. However, the inclusion of just one solitary field of personal data feels unnatural in an email with otherwise generic content and no evidence of segmentation.

As we have previously discussed on our blog, segmentation reduces the unsubscribe rate from email campaigns. In the post we discussed how Jupiter Research’s finding that relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than basic broadcast emails. Read more about it on the original segmentation blog post here:

Beyond Email Segmentation Download

After a quick discussion in the office, we think the campaign has been sent to only recent visitors who are likely to engage with a Christmas offer. We also noted that personalisation according to purchase history isn’t relevant to this campaign as people are likely to behave differently at Christmas time to the rest of the year. After all, with all the festive food on offer, who would want to eat their normal order anyway?! Customers visiting TGI Fridays for Christmas Cocktails are also likely to visit in groups and therefore this email is sent with a broader appeal in mind.

Call To Action  8 Stars

Throughout the email the reader is encouraged to book a table at a TGI Friday restaurant.  The email uses an authoritative tone, instructing and encouraging the recipient throughout with the imperatives ‘Be quick’ and ‘book now’.

The two call to action buttons at the bottom of the email ‘Book Now’ and ‘Download Menu’ are complementary and both encourage the same action. The menu is positioned so that users who would like to find out what they can eat and drink can download the menu PDF file before returning to the email to make a booking. Email recipients who are ready to make a booking at that point can simply click on ‘Book Now’ to be directed to the relevant landing page.

The inclusion of two links to the TGI Friday app reflects the trend that many people will use their phone to consider where to eat before making a booking, either by call or through an online booking system.

The email footer instructs the reader to engage with TGI Friday on social media in a short snappy sentence fragment, ‘Snap, Tweet, Post, Share’.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  9 Stars

We really enjoyed reviewing the TGI Friday Christmas Cocktail email campaign and thought they created an email which was visually appealing, festive and convincing [Tweet This].  The authoritative tone used throughout the email copy is particularly effective, supported with strong visuals and a striking call to action button this is an excellent example of a Christmas email campaign.

Just before you head out the door to take advantage of the offer, don’t forget to let us know what you think of the email by leaving us a comment or tweeting @wired_plus!

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