Daily Email Inspiration: Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey Email Newsletter

Survey Monkey Email Newsletter


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Survey Monkey Email Newsletter

In the last of this week’s #dailyemailinspiration blog posts, we have selected Survey Monkey’s recent email campaign when they sent out their December newsletter.  The campaign is visually appealing and adapts some well known design techniques to entice the recipient.

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Take a look at the campaign for yourself here:

Survey Monkey Email Screenshot

Find out what we thought about the campaign below:

Layout and Design  5 Stars

The email makes good news of the Inverted Pyramid structure to guide the recipients eyes towards each call to action in each of the three newsletter features.

The newsletter is split into three distinct content blocks.  Each content block contains a large image and short text summary of the feature, the user is invited to click the call to action should they wish to learn more.  These content blocks each use different colour schemes, further differentiating the content in each section of the email.

Although the email has been sent as a newsletter, SurveyMonkey have cleverly placed the detailed content on their own website, instead encouraging the user to quickly navigate from the email to the section of the newsletter most relevant to them.

When viewed on a mobile device, we have encountered large white space between each of the content blocks, this reduces the continuity between each of the content blocks but also means that users are less likely to scroll to the bottom of the email due to its excessive length.

Copywriting  6 Stars

As SurveyMonkey have become well known since they were founded in 1999, they omit the company name from the email body entirely, using the company logo in the email header as a means of identification.  This technique works well because the company is so well known in their industry.

Each content block contains a short paragraph of copy focused on the benefits the user can expect from the piece of content.  The copy in the second content block shows empathy with the reader ‘We all make mistakes’ before providing them with the resolution to their problem ‘Check out our fun videos’.  The last content block gives the reader an aspirational reason to use SurveyMonkey by boasting that ‘Top media organisations’ use Survey Monkey to help with their content.

The email’s preview text ‘Happy Holidays’ does not relate to the email’s content nor purpose.  Although the preview text is relevant to the time of the year that the email has been sent, it does not fit smoothly with the content of the email which is centred around features, strategy and data.

No copy is used to introduce the email content.  Setting out the expectations for what the user is able to find in the newsletter or anything particularly special about this issue of the newsletter would be a good way to make the email seem more interactional.

Visuals and Images  8 Stars

The email makes good use of images to accompany each content block as one image is provided per call to action in the email body.  The images relate to the content and give the email recipient a colourful and striking focal point.

The social icons at the bottom of the email body are presented in SurveyMonkey’s main brand colour.  This cleverly links back to the brand’s identity, giving a level of continuity to communications.  As this particular email is a newsletter, we feel that some social sharing options could have been included as well as the existing social engagement icons.

The size of the images also adds to their effect as they take up the top two thirds of the computer screen, the second image is visible in the bottom third of the page encouraging the recipient to scroll.

The clean cut appearance of the email is consistent with the appearance of the company’s website .  SurveyMonkey use a range of different colours and techniques to ensure that each feature in their email complements the next.  Within each of the features, the colours used are analogous with each other, however the email design ensures that each element within the email are complementary to each other.

Personalisation and Segmentation  6 Stars

A minimal amount of personalisation has been used in this newsletter.  The purpose of the email, to distribute the company’s newsletter, means that personalisation would not be appropriate in this case.  However, SurveyMonkey have addressed the email recipient by name in the email preview text by wishing the recipient ‘Happy Holidays [First Name]’.

Due to the purpose of the email we anticipate that this particular email campaign would have been sent to the whole of SurveyMonkey’s mailing list.  However, to personalise future campaigns, SurveyMonkey should monitor which articles each user interacts with, if any, to provide related content.

Call to Action  6 Stars

The SurveyMonkey email contains three calls to action, each with specific and relevant text on the button.  The bright green call to action buttons are consistent with the SurveyMonkey brand colours and stand out against the white email background.  The text on the first and third call to action are both consistent with the email copy and the landing page experience, inviting the reader to ‘View Features’ and ‘Read More’ respectively.

However, the copy relating to the second call to action encourages the reader to ‘Check out our fun videos’ which contrasts with both the Call to Action ‘Learn More’ and the landing page content.  Once the user has clicked the CTA they are directed to a standard text article.  Only when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page can they find the video referenced in the copy.  We believe that the consistency between the email and landing page could be improved by either giving more prominence to the video on the existing page or hosting the video on a separate landing page to the article.

Use of large click hotspots over each call to action increase functionality on mobile devices and also capitalise on user intent directed at any part of the email content.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  6 Stars

Overall, the SurveyMonkey email campaign provides the recipient with an engaging and visually appealing newsletter.  We feel that the visual elements of the email are the most effective and consistent whilst improvements could be made to mobile functionality.

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