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Kat Von D Email

Kat Von D Email


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Kat Von D Beauty Browse Abandonment Email

We recently received a browse abandonment email from Kat Von D Beauty which we thought contained some very interesting features. We thought it would make the perfect subject for today’s #dailyemailinspiration blog post.

Have a look at the campaign below:

Kat Von D Beauty Browse Abandonment Email

If you are inspired by what you see in the Kat Von D Beauty ‘We saw you checking us out’ email, let us know in the comments or tweet us @wired_plus. We’d love to hear your views!

Layout and Design  7 Stars

The structure of the campaign relies heavily on images and short lines of text to make the user re-visit the website to continue with their shopping. The three, evenly spaced product suggestions at the bottom of the email body keeps the email’s message simple, showing only the most relevant content.

Copywriting  7 Stars

The email makes minimal use of text as the email has been triggered by the recipient’s behaviour. The subject line ‘We saw you checking us out’ clearly establishes the purpose of the email reducing the need for a large amount of email copy. Recipients who engage with the email are likely to do so because they have forgotten to check out with their items or because of the suggestions given based on their behaviour. As a result of this, email recipients do not need an explanation of the products in the email body as they are already likely to be knowledgeable about them.

The email subject line and preview text have been written to drive the recipient back to the website to complete a purchase with the exact, or similar, products that they were viewing. Including a special offer in the preview text incentivises the recipient to complete the purchase as soon as they receive the email. Using an offer in this way also acts as a deterrent to the recipient, as they are unlikely to buy the same products from a different online retailer as a result of the discount.

Subject Line Download

Text in the email footer explicitly states that Kat Von D Beauty have used behavioural activity and invites the user to review how they are emailed by visiting the privacy policy on the website. This also gives the impression that Kat Von D Beauty are a responsible company who take care of their customers, which may impact future customer purchases.

Both in the email header and footer, the use of hashtags is encouraged. #Veganalert links directly to a page on the Kat Von D Beauty website displaying the products in the range suitable for vegans, cleverly targeting the niche and making it easy for recipients to identify which products they can use.

The email footer encourages email recipients to tweet about the brand with the hashtag. The hashtag is logically placed next to the social account buttons, increasing the likelihood that it will be noticed.

Use of second person plural in ‘we think you’ll love these’ suggestive that thought has gone into the suggestions even though suggestions are likely to be set up using a behavioural trigger with a pre-defined list of possible products.
When viewed in a browser, it is unclear that the ‘Privacy Policy’ text links back to the website as the text appears the same as the surrounding plain text.  Although this is only a very minor point, we thought that the text could be underlined or formatted differently in a future campaign to clarify the issue.

Visuals and Images  9 Stars

This email is received as the customer leaves the Kat Von D Beauty website, as a result, the email’s appearance makes the brand instantly recognisable. Although the font used in the Kat Von D Beauty logo makes it difficult to read on smaller screens, the font is synonymous with the brand and therefore adds to the image that the company are trying to create.

Each product which is recommend in the email is given a star rating with each star in a shade of red, consistent with the colour of the products promoted in the email body. These stars are particularly effective as they stand out against the white email background and black text.

Personalisation and Segmentation  10 Stars

This email is a good example of a behavioural email which uses behavioural triggers to send a timely and relevant email. The email was received an hour after the user left the website, giving the recipient time to consider any potential purchases before returning to the site. This is a great example of browser abandonment as it has been sent based on the customer’s search history on the website.

We feel that it is likely that Kat Von D Beauty would send a different message if the user had abandoned their cart part way through making a purchase as there would be little need to advertise any items other than those already in the cart.

According to a study by Econsultancy which considered 480 respondents, only 20% of email marketers use behavioural triggers in their email campaigns. The study indicates that the Kat Von D Beauty email campaign uses a number of advanced email marketing practices to increase the relevancy and personalisation of their email sends, positioning the campaign in the top 20% of email marketing campaigns.

The ‘Continue shopping’ links allow the customer to view products similar to those they were viewing when they previously abandoned their browser. This is a well-considered approach as the customer may have left the browser for a number of reasons including: Not finding an appropriate product, to view a competitor’s website or to make an in-store purchase.

Call To Action  8 Stars

The email has been designed with one clear purpose in mind, to encourage the user to purchase the items they had been viewing in a previous session on the website. To this extent, the email contains no additional information which is not directly relevant to the user for them to make a purchase.

The call to action buttons are placed strategically in the email body inviting the user to ‘Continue Shopping’ linking back to the products the customer had viewed or ‘Shop Now’ for the suggested products.

The email’s preview text incentivises the email recipient to complete a purchase by including an extra offer for free three-day shipping for purchases amounting to $50 or more and free returns. The suggested items also give the reader an option to return to the website even if they don’t want the products they have previously searched or were looking at.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  8 Stars

The Kat Von D Beauty browse abandonment email is an excellent example of a triggered behavioural email. The email is clearly purposed, evident from the subject line ‘We saw you checkin’ us out’ and is designed specifically to drive traffic back to the website. The email contains relevant suggestions generated from previous data that the company has collected, making this a timely and highly effective email campaign.

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