Why Wired Plus?

Helping you make better marketing decisions

The marketing automation platform built by marketing experts, Wired Plus gives you all the email marketing tools you need to grow your business and crush your targets.

We’re not like the others

The Wired Plus email platform is founded upon our first-hand appreciation of the difficulties marketers face. We took this innate understanding and designed an email marketing automation platform with ease, efficiency, and ROI in mind.

We find that marketers’ challenges typically stem from one (and sometimes multiple) of the following pain points, all which we aim to solve through our powerful marketing automation features and hands-on support.

Are you struggling with any of the following issues?

  • Difficulties accessing, understanding, or using their data effectively
  • Held-back by multiple or legacy systems that simply don’t talk
  • Falling short of goals, suffering from lack-lustre campaign performance
  • Lacking the skills to really get the most from advanced functionality
  • Concerned by compliance, data protection or data management
  • Wasting precious budget on unused, unhelpful features

Solving the challenges that marketers face

Focused on marketing automation technology that addresses the real challenges marketers face, Wired Plus is built upon your need to Connect, Engage, Analyse, and lastly, to Control. Together, these guiding principles form a powerful marketing machine that lets you send personalised emails with ease.

With Wired Plus you can

  • Connect your systems for seamless integrations.

  • Engage your contacts easily through sophisticated, personalised email marketing campaigns.

  • Analyse your email campaign performance with clear, real-time reports to unlock actionable insight.

  • Control your data with confidence, mitigating risk and securing your most valuable asset.

Choose your email marketing automation package to get started with Wired Plus.

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