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Discover how you can use the Wired Plus Marketing toolkit to elevate your marketing above the competition. Drive better ROI, increase engagement levels and boost profitability for your business.

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  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Forms & Surveys
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing CRM
  • Lead & Order Pipeline
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Take a Quick Tour of Wired Plus

See how some of the key features in our platform can help drive better marketing results.

Email Marketing Platform

Intelligent Email Marketing That Works For You

Achieve the best ROI for your email marketing campaigns by sending campaigns to the right contact at the right time. Elevate your marketing performance with a system designed to help you make better marketing decisions for your business. Intelligent marketing decisions help drive increased ROI.

Create Eye-Catching Emails That Convert

Use our drag and drop editor to create campaigns that look awesome and drive results for your business. With our easy-to-use editor, no coding knowledge is necessary.

Target your Contacts On The Move

Engage your audience on the move with responsive email design to help you target recipients no matter what device they are using.

Engage Your Contacts Every Time

Drive email engagement and minimise unsubscribe rates with personalisation and list segmentation, helping you grow your email list the right way.

Don't Leave Your Marketing Results to Chance

Send the best possible email campaign every time you press 'send' with split testing and optimisation. Identify the features that impact performance the most to make sure they perform for you.

Design Campaigns That Are Guaranteed to Perform

Track contact behaviours using real-time reporting data and react to key behavioural triggers to make sure you capitalise on every opportunity.

Learn From Past Performance

Delve into your campaign statistics to help improve your future marketing performance. Take the guesswork out of your marketing decisions by driving your campaigns forward with data.

marketing crm platform

Your Central Data Hub with our Marketing CRM

Store your customer data in one place, giving you the insights you need to make intelligent decisions about how to treat customers at every stage of the sales pipeline. Don't jump between separate platforms with our convenient all-in-one solution.

Make Sure Your Leads are Sales Ready

Deliver the content your leads need at every stage of the marketing funnel to ready them for conversion. Nurture your contacts according to their needs, treating each customer as an individual.

Empower Your Teams

Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams for more informed and effective decision making. Give your marketing teams all the information they need to optimise the customer lifecycle.

Capitalise on Every Opportunity

Monitor your customer behaviours to make sure that you drive conversions at every opportunity. Trigger marketing campaigns for maximum performance.

Fill Your Sales Pipelines

Identify and convert high quality leads to keep your sales pipelines full. Unlike Sales CRMs, Wired Plus works with marketing teams for the best results.

Identify Key Trends to Optimise Marketing Funnels

Understand how your customers interact with your marketing channels to drive customers from the top of your marketing funnels through to purchase.

Automate Marketing Campaigns Based on Key Activities

Understand the most important triggers in your marketing funnel and learn how to react accordingly.

Drive Better Performance with Collaboration

Allow your marketing teams to work together to achieve their KPIs and improve efficiency with full activity logs.

marketing automation platform

Target Your Contacts with the Right Message using Marketing Automation

Target customers according to their preferences and behaviours. Identify key moments in the sales pipeline and create automations to target the users' intent. Wired Plus gives you the tools you need to maximise every marketing opportunity.

Deliver Tailored Messages at the Right Time

Use marketing automations to send personalised and tailored campaigns at the right time for your contacts. Make sure that your customers have the information they need to convert.

Save Precious Time

Make sure your marketing teams can focus on the tasks that really matter by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Scale Your Marketing Efforts to Increase Profits

Grow your business quickly and easily by using marketing automations to complete important tasks. Deliver the right message for your customers depending on their point in the marketing funnel.

Achieve Multi-Channel Integration

Interact with customers on their preferred marketing channel to take advantage of every opportunity. Use the data from all your marketing channels to give you greater insights into your customers.

website tracking platform

Understand your Website Visitors

Monitor how your website visitors behave with web tracking to capitalise on key behaviours and traits. Identify common website behaviours, trends and target repeat visitors accordingly.

Capitalise on Key Behaviours

Identify behaviours that indicate strong purchase intent. Use these insights to drive relevant and timely marketing campaigns to each individual.

Monitor Customer Behaviours

Identify where your customers are in the marketing funnel by tracking the content that they are most engaged with.

Optimise Conversion Rates

Respond to customer behaviours on your website to optimise pages for higher conversion rates. Make sure your fixes work with our intuitive A/B testing tool.

Bridge the Gap

Find out what goes on between marketing and purchase. Use insights to understand how your website visitors behave. Engage contacts with relevant marketing to drive them from initial web visit through to purchase.

Understand your funnels

Know how customers behave at each stage of the marketing funnel and understand why.

lead scoring

Score Your Leads

Handle your leads intelligently based on insights from your lead scoring system. Decide when your leads are ready to be passed to your sales department to improve sales pipeline efficiency.

Set Lead Scoring Triggers

Identify a suitable lead score for each action your lead can take so that marketing and sales teams have a clear understanding of their point in the pipeline. Target your teams to nurture leads until they reach a suitable score. Then, pass your leads to the sales team for the perfect conversion funnel.

Align Your Teams

Agree on the quality of your leads before marketing send them across to your sales teams for conversion. Make sure your marketing teams have the information they need to make effective and informed decisions.

Convert More Leads

Automate campaign sends based on pre-defined lead scoring triggers. Send the most relevant messaging at a suitable time for your contacts.

Segment Your Contact List

Deliver content to targeted list segments for a more personalised and relevant marketing experience. Achieve higher engagement levels with your lead nurture campaigns by tailoring the content to the needs of the recipient.

Warm Up Your Leads

Use lead nurture series to push your contacts through the marketing funnel. Place contacts into a personalised and appropriate programme to develop them from cold prospect to brand advocate.

Manage Pipelines Effectively

Organise your sales pipeline better by adding structure and taking actions based on the scores your leads have reached.

integrate your software into the wired platform

Integrate Your Marketing

Use Wired Plus to align and integrate your marketing platforms for a more coherent and informed marketing approach. By integrating your marketing platforms, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers'.

Improve Marketing Efficiency

Don't bounce around. Reduce distractions throughout the day by using one password, keeping all of your marketing activities in one place.

Develop a Single Customer View

View analysis, reports and optimisation tools in one place. Give your marketing the extra edge by viewing and responding to the full context of your customer's actions.

All of Your Data In One Place

Store and view insights about your marketing campaigns in one central location giving you a better perspective on your marketing activities.

Expand the Scope of Your Platforms

Design more powerful marketing collateral with Wired Plus' comprehensive toolkit giving you access to more tools than ever before.

landing pages

Create The Perfect Landing Page Experience

Design landing pages which complement each of your marketing campaigns. Create responsive landing pages to develop microsites and to effectively build conversion funnels.

Cater for Every Device

Ensure that your customers can receive your marketing message no matter what device they are on. Use your reporting data to find out which device your customers are using and adapt accordingly.

Complete Your Marketing Journey

Align your landing page with the rest of your marketing collateral. Use our tools to customise and design the perfect landing page. Amend the layout and design to ensure a consistent brand experience adding brand logos and colours as appropriate.

Capture Key Visitor Data

Grow your contact list and monitor customer behaviours. Embed data capture forms on your landing page to drive mailing list signups and data capture. Use the data to make informed decisions tailored to the needs of your existing customer base.

Create landing pages with ease

Develop a landing page in minutes with the drag-and-drop editor without the need for coding knowledge. Create pages that match your brand and company appearance.

campaign reports

Learn From Your Campaigns

Use the reporting tools to learn from your mistakes and develop more effective and impactful marketing collateral for the future. Data gives you the evidence you need to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Track Campaign Performance in Real-Time

Monitor how your campaigns are performing with reporting tools that allow you to view results in real time. Use these insights to respond quickly to campaign feedback for better optimisation.

Access Key Metrics with Ease

View the most important campaign metrics from the reporting dashboard to give you the insight you need to make quick decisions. Track opens, clicks, unsubscribes and much more to asses how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Understand Your Marketing Funnel

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers in your reporting tab. Find out where your leads are coming from, which actions they have taken and the forms that they have filled in.

Align Reports To Your KPIs

Select the data fields that are important to you and set up reports with the most relevant fields. Use this function to monitor progress towards targets.

View Ecommerce Metrics

Use the apps library to integrate your ecommerce solutions. Track key metrics including Customer Lifetime Value and Average Purchase Value.


Survey Your Audience

Capture data and manage preferences to get know your customers. Understand your most successful data sources and where you can improve in the future.

Get To Know Your Customers

Use surveys and forms to research the needs, wants and desires of your customers. Once you have collected this data, you can make decisions on how to cater for their requirements.

Diverse Data Sources

Use a number of data capture techniques to collect data from your contacts. Monitor who has downloaded your content, who has filled in your contact forms and survey respondents.

Collect More Responses

Embed your surveys and forms on your website or share them on social media. The more responses you have, the more accurately you will be able to cater for your customers.

Build Consistently Branded Surveys in Minutes

Create surveys with ease using the drag and drop editor. Ensure that your surveys look professional and remain consistent with your existing marketing collateral without the need for coding knowledge.

Tailor Your Decisions to Your Customers

Collect your responses and analyse the results in one place to help you make decisions that fit with your customers and leads.