Surveys & Forms

Integrating surveys and forms within your email marketing has never been so easy. Learn more about your contacts, gather intelligence, grow your lists and improve customer understanding to fuel more effective and personalised email marketing campaigns with our simple form builder.

Survey and Form Builder

With our flexible survey and form builder, you can quickly add the questions you want and choose the question type that works best for you to create effective online surveys and forms within your email marketing campaigns.

No HTML knowledge necessary

Create effective and engaging surveys within a matter of minutes. With our easy to use survey builder, there is no need for HTML coding knowledge.

Mobile-Friendly Forms and Surveys

Create surveys and forms that are simple to navigate on all devices. Fully responsive and rendered specifically for mobile devices, so you can provide the optimum customer experience no matter the appliance, email client or browser.

Flexible Field Options

From text to multiple-choice, drop down and even custom fields, you’re empowered to collect the information you need, all within one email marketing automation platform.

Automatic Data Mapping

Boost efficiency with contact data mapped directly into the Wired Plus eCRM, marketing segments or automation cycles. Fuel future campaigns with better engagement and better conversions thanks to extensive data profiling tools.

Page Branching Tools

Only show questions that are relevant to your contacts to funnel responses, providing a customised survey experience and personalised email marketing campaigns.

Embed Forms

Capture visitor interest, contact preferences and valuable targeting information with embedded HTML forms, stylised to match your landing pages or website. 

Gather intelligence with intuitive surveys & forms from Wired Plus. Request a free demo.

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