Working with the mobile design mode

When designing your email or landing page in the drag-and-drop editor, you can switch between Desktop and Mobile view at the click of a button to ensure it's responsive on both kinds of devices. 

The mobile design mode enables you to design your campaign and understand how it looks on mobile devices without having to go into the preview or repeatedly test it. When you use mobile settings in the Content Properties panel, such as 'Do not stack' and 'Hide on mobile', your campaign will update in real-time.

In the editor, when designing your campaign, you will see two icons in the upper-left corner representing desktop and mobile view. The desktop view is the same view that you see when you open the editor. Clicking on the mobile icon will display the mobile view. 

The mobile view retains all of the editor's features, so making changes to the mobile view is no different to the desktop view.

Please note: When in the mobile view, unless you're changing the mobile settings (such as 'Do not stack' and 'Hide on mobile'), your changes will also impact how your campaign looks in the desktop view.

The first time you hide a content block or a row for a device, you will see a new icon appear next to the mobile and desktop icons - the Visibility icon.

With the visibility icon, you can toggle between seeing all elements of your campaign, including the ones hidden on mobile, and removing elements that are hidden on mobile. When the visibility toggle is on, elements hidden on mobile can be identified by a blurred effect. The same goes for the desktop view. 

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