The Wired Plus platform includes a Survey Builder that allows you to build, design, construct and launch an effective survey.

What are surveys?

Surveys are designed for data capture and as such, give you more options on the different formats of question and data that you can collect. They allow for more styling when using them in the Wired Plus landing pages.

We’ve had a Surveys builder inside our Professional and Enterprise level accounts for some time now, but after listening to our clients and working with the tool we wanted to launch a more dynamic tool that helps you build bespoke surveys.

Inside the new Surveys tool, you can:

  • Use a pre-set theme or create your own custom one
  • Insert prebuilt questions and answers from our Question Bank
  • Assign respondents’ answers back to data fields
  • Apply scores based on the answers provided
  • Build different survey pages
  • Import images
  • Allow user to upload files
  • Use Net Promoter Score to understand your customer service

We have also revamped and updated our Survey reports, so it’s now much easier to see at a glance how your contacts have engaged with your recent surveys.

How can I get started?

To create a new survey, navigate to the ‘Surveys’ tab on the main menu.  

Click ‘Add Survey’ in the top right-hand corner. 

This allows you to build your surveys in the design editor. It will then let you build your survey in four stages: Create, Design, Settings and Confirm and Share.

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