Your suppressed contacts are contacts who you can’t send your marketing messages to. This could be because they unsubscribed, or their email address dropped when you tried sending them a campaign.

To access your suppressions list, navigate to ‘Subscribers’ from the navigation bar – then select ‘Suppression‘ from the dropdown.

You will then see the 'Global Suppressions' page.

Global Suppressions

Here you will see a list of your suppressed contacts.

This is a list of your contacts that have unsubscribed from your communications, plus those who have been automatically unsubscribed either by reaching their bounce threshold, or they are an ISP spam complainant.

The list will show you the date on which the contacts became suppressed, as well as the reason for the suppression. 

How to suppress a contact(s)

You can manually suppress contacts by clicking ‘Add Suppression’ using the blue button in the top right of the page.

The ‘Add Suppression’ button allows you to upload or manually add any email or domain addresses you would not like to include in your campaign sends. 

  • Add suppressions manually – Type in or copy and paste the email addresses you want to add to the suppression list. Each address you add will be instantly removed from all of your subscriber lists.
  • Upload suppression file – Import a .TXT or .CSV file with the email addresses you want to suppress.

Domain Suppressions

From the 'Global Suppressions' page, click on the 'Domain Suppressions' tab.

This page will display a list of all domains that have been suppressed.

How to suppress a domain

By adding a suppression at a domain level, all email addresses in your address book for that domain are automatically suppressed. This saves time when a whole company wants to be suppressed.

To suppress a domain, click the ‘Add Domain’ button to add a new domain to the list. Enter the domain you want to suppress. You will then see the domain appear in the list.

Archived Contacts

Archive contacts to remove them from your marketing audience without losing any data. This is useful if you have lots of outdated or inactive contacts who don’t interact with your campaigns. If you change your mind, you can always unarchive them later.

To view your archived contacts, click on the 'Archived Contacts' tab from the 'Global Suppressions' page.

How to unarchive a contact

You can find out how to unarchive a contact here.

If you want to unarchive the contact, you can do this from the 'Archived Contacts' page. Simply select the checkboxes next to the relevant contacts, and select 'Un-Archive Selection' from the 'Action' dropdown.

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