You can give your subscribers the ability to select their preferred language. 

Using a simple toggle on the top of selected pages, they can choose from English, French, or German.

The system will automatically save the contact's language selection and any of the selected pages/emails they view in the future will be shown in their language.

They can view their chosen language in the following areas:

  • The preference centre
  • The 'Forward to a friend' page
  • The opt-in confirmation page
  • The opt-out confirmation page
  • The unsubscribe confirmation page
  • The resubscription confirmation email
  • The resubscription confirmation page

View an individual contact's language selection

To view the language choice stored for an individual contact, navigate to 'Subscribers' on the main navigation bar and select 'Contacts' from the dropdown. 

Search for the contact and click on their email address to open their profile.

Click on the 'Contact Data' tab and scroll down to 'Contact Locale'.

Here, you will see the contact's selected language. You can also change the choice if you wish.

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