Working with landing page templates

When choosing to create a landing page template, you can either select the Design Editor or the Code Editor. 

When creating a template, it is important to choose a name which will identify your template when selecting the appropriate landing page. 

Clicking on the advanced settings dropdown allows you to place the landing page into a folder.

Design editor

When using the design editor to create your landing page template, you can either select a blank layout or a pre-existing theme. Once you have selected a layout or theme to work with, you can use the drag and drop editor to add a content element to your design. 

When designing a landing page you can choose from the following elements:

  • Text: Add a text box to your campaign design.
  • Image: Add an image to your landing page.  Browse through images that you have previously uploaded, import an image from another part of the web or search from a database of free photos which are available under Creative Commons License.
  • Button: Add a button to your landing page to allow your landing page visitors to click through from your landing page to perform an action.
  • Divider: Add a divider between different content elements of your landing page.
  • Social: Add a social button to your landing page to allow users to click through to your social media accounts.
  • Dynamic Content: Add a piece of content which adapts according to the user viewing the page.
  • HTML: Add a line of HTML code to your landing page.

Code editor

The code editor allows you to build up your landing page using HTML code. It is important that you have a good level of technical knowledge when creating a landing page in this way.

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