The folder functionality helps keep your assets organised and easier to find and report on. 

There is an area under 'Settings' where you can easily view, create, and remove your folders.

After clicking on 'Settings', click on 'Folders' on the left-hand menu.

Please note: If you can't click on it, this is because you don't have permission to access the 'Folders' page. You will need to request access from the account admin.

You will then see a list of the existing folders in your account.

You can add assets from different modules into one folder. For example, you can create a folder called 'Black Friday' and any email campaigns, surveys, and workflows associated with your Black Friday promotion can be added to that folder.

How to create a new folder

From the 'Folders' page, click on the 'Create Folder' button. 

Enter a name for your folder and click 'Create'.

How to rename a folder

You can rename a folder from here by clicking on the cog icon next to a folder and selecting 'Rename' from the dropdown.

How to delete a folder

From the 'Folders' page, next to the folder you want to delete, select the cog icon on the left.

Then, from the dropdown, select 'Delete'.

Click 'Yes' to confirm.

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