With Commenting, you can interact with your team, directly while designing emails and landing pages. 

With the Commenting feature, you and your team can streamline collaboration, get work done in less time, and make the overall campaign creation process more efficient.

When clicking on any content block or row, you can add comments, interact in threads, coordinate on next steps, and mark those threads as solved when they reach an agreement.

Commenting will enable you and your team to have a single source of truth for feedback & requests, and cut time-to-publish by reducing back and forth conversations on multiple channels.

How it works

To add a comment to an email or landing page, simply click on the relevant row or content block inside the campaign.

Click on the commenting icon to insert a new comment. 

Type in your comment and click the 'Submit' button when you're done.

To view all comments, click on the 'Show comments' icon in the Content Properties tab. This will show you the number of comments in the thread.

To resolve a thread, click to 'Show Comments' and select 'Resolve' at the top of the thread. You can also reopen the thread if necessary.

To edit or delete a comment you've previously added, click on the three small dots next to the relevant comment. Select the appropriate choice from the two options.

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