Working with campaign templates

To make campaign creation easier, you can create new and use existing templates. Templates are pre-formatted emails which you can populate with your own content.

In this guide, we will show you how to use an existing template for an email campaign with the ‘Doughnut Queen’ template that we have created.

Campaign templates drafts folder

When a template is first designed, it is placed in the drafts folder. 

Templates in the drafts folder can be edited but cannot be used for live email campaigns. The drafts folder is useful when a template is not yet ready for a live email campaign and still needs to be edited.

A template must first be published before it can be used. If ‘Save’ is selected in the bottom right corner of the email, the campaign is saved as a draft. When you are ready to send a campaign, ensure that you ‘Publish’ the template before you use it.

Campaign templates published folder

When a campaign template is published, it moves into the Published folder and can be used for a live email campaign. Once you have published the campaign template, it can be used in a live campaign.

First, navigate from the ‘Templates’ tab to the ‘Campaigns’ tab under ‘Campaigns’ in the navigation bar. 

Click ‘Create Campaign’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

This allows you to create a campaign in the normal way before selecting the template in the Campaign creation process. 

In the 'Create Campaign' tab, specify the name for your email campaign, select whether your campaign send will be ‘Regular’ or ‘A/B Testing’ before selecting the ‘Design Editor’ from the menu. In this example, we have named the campaign ‘Doughnut Queen Christmas Sales Campaign’.

The ‘Saved Templates’ tab displays only the published templates in your system. It is important to publish the template before you begin creating the email campaign. 

Once the template is selected, you are taken to the ‘Design’ tab where you can amend the template if required for your current campaign.

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