Workflow types and enrolment rules

There are several enrolment rules you can choose from when creating a new workflow.

Contact created

Trigger: New contact is created in your account.

Contact in list

Trigger: Contact belongs to a specific list.

Contact joined list

Trigger: Contact enters a list.

Contact in segment

Trigger: Contact exists in a specific segment. 

Contact joined segment 

Trigger: Contact enters a specific segment. 

Contact exits list

Trigger: Contacts leaves a specific list.

Custom date field

Trigger your automation based on a selected value in a date field.  Select how many days you want the automation to be triggered before or after a specified date.

Contact behaviour action

Trigger your automation workflow based on behaviour relating to an email campaign. Choose whether the automation is triggered by a click, open, or a send of a specific campaign.

Contact submitted survey

Trigger: Contact completes a specific survey.

Contact submitted via API feed

Enrol contacts into your workflow when data is passed via the API.

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