Workflow step: Update contact data

You can add a workflow step to automatically update a contact’s data. This is useful if they have completed an action within the workflow.

Each time you add the ‘Update Contact Details’ step to a workflow, you must complete three steps:

  • Type of Information: Choose the type of data field that you want to be updated.
    • When choosing the type of information you wish to update, you can select one of two options:
      • Contact Data: Update a default field.
      • Custom Fields: Update a field that you have manually added to your contact database.
  • Data Field: Choose the specific data field that needs to be updated when the workflow step is triggered.
  • New Value: Specify the new value that you would like the contact to be updated to.

Please note: The data type for the field you are updating and the new value that you specify must match, for example, if you are working with a numerical field, the value you select must also be numerical, otherwise the change will not be completed.

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