Marketing automation workflows are used to lead contacts through a number of journeys over certain lengths of time.

Although a workflow can be created that works like an autoresponder – sending email campaigns and making decisions immediately – the power of marketing automation is in the fact that you can create workflows that run over days, weeks, months, or even years.

How the 'Apply delay' step works

The ‘Apply Delay’ step allows you to delay actions in the workflow by a set length of time. This stops the next action from being triggered until the delay has expired. 

You may want to use this step to prevent contacts from being processed through the workflow too quickly or to send a timely campaign.

Delay nodes usually come before decision nodes in workflows. For example, you might send an email campaign and then want to wait for a few hours to see whether that email was opened before moving on to to the next step in the flow.

These delays offer you flexibility in your workflow build.

Please note: There is a slight delay in an email campaign being scheduled to send from Wired Plus and then being received in a contact’s inbox. Depending on the email client that your contact is using, this can take up to a few minutes. If you are using quite short delays (1-10 minutes for mosts email clients) then there is a chance that the workflow could move on without an email being delivered to them.

How to add the 'Apply delay' step to your workflow

To insert the ‘Apply Delay’ step, click the green plus icon beneath an existing action in the workflow and select the ‘Apply Delay’ step from the right-hand panel:

Select the length of time that you want to delay the next action by in hours, minutes, or days. 

Please note: The wait time cannot exceed 1000 days, hours, or minutes.

You can also specify an exact time, date or day of the week that you want the next action to occur by clicking ‘+Add Advanced Options’.

Create a complex delay by selecting each of these advanced options in turn.

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