Wired Plus updates: October 2020

What's new in Wired Plus - October 2020.

  • Enhancements to folders
  • New language options
  • New updates to the drag-and-drop editor, including Column Management, Commenting, and Reverse Stacking

Keep reading to find out more!

A new location for managing your folders

The folder functionality helps keep your assets organised and easier to find and report on. 

There is now a new area under 'Settings' where you can easily view, create, and remove your folders.

After clicking on 'Settings', click on 'Folders' on the left-hand menu.

Please note: If you can't click on it, this is because you don't have permission to access the 'Folders' page. You will need to request access from the account admin.

You will then see a list of the existing folders in your account.

You can rename a folder from here by clicking on the cog icon next to a folder and selecting 'Rename' from the dropdown.

You can add assets from different modules into one folder. For example, you can create a folder called 'Black Friday' and any email campaigns, surveys, and workflows associated with your Black Friday promotion can be added to that folder.

How to create a new folder

From the 'Folders' page, click on the 'Create Folder' button. 

Enter a name for your folder and click 'Create'.

How to delete a folder

From the 'Folders' page, next to the folder you want to delete, select the cog icon on the left.

Then, from the dropdown, select 'Delete'.

Click 'Yes' to confirm.

New language options for your subscribers 

You can now give your subscribers the ability to select their preferred language. 

Using a simple toggle on the top of selected pages, they can choose from English, French, or German.

The system will automatically save the contact's language selection and any of the selected pages/emails they view in the future will be shown in their language.

They can view their chosen language in the following areas:

  • The preference centre
  • The 'Forward to a friend' page
  • The opt-in confirmation page
  • The opt-out confirmation page
  • The unsubscribe confirmation page
  • The resubscription confirmation email
  • The resubscription confirmation page

Change the language of your survey

When building a survey, you can select the survey language to be English (default), French, or German.

Please note: This will only change the default text in the survey. This applies to:

  • The Next/Back buttons
  • The Submit button
  • The text on the NPS scale (coming soon)
  • The 'Other' field if this is added to a question
  • The 'Please fill in this field' text on mandatory survey questions that aren't populated (coming soon)

If you want your survey questions to also be in French or German, you will need to enter the translated text when creating the question.

You can change the language of your survey on stage 2 of the survey build - the 'Design' stage.

Click on the cog icon on the left-hand panel, and select your choice from the 'Navigation language' dropdown.

Change the language of your subscription form

When building a subscription form, you can set the future marketing message language for new contacts. 

You will find this on step 6 of the form builder.

The language you select will define the language of the opt-in trigger email that is sent to the contacts who submit the form.

View an individual contact's language selection

To view the language choice stored for an individual contact, navigate to 'Subscribers' on the main navigation bar and select 'Contacts' from the dropdown. 

Search for the contact and click on their email address to open their profile.

Click on the 'Contact Data' tab and scroll down to 'Contact Locale'.

Here, you will see the contact's selected language. You can also change the choice if you wish.

New updates to the drag-and-drop editor

We have released some game-changer features to the drag-and-drop editor that will take your design flexibility to the next level.

Column Management

We're excited to say that the drag-and-drop editor is getting a new feature which will give you a better designing experience.

Introducing: Column Management.

When clicking on a row in your campaign, you will see a brand new widget where you can add, delete, and adjust the widths of columns in real-time.

This means you'll now have a lot more flexibility when changing the layout of a row, and it will only take seconds!

You will see the update in the drag-and-drop editor from Monday, October 26th, so be sure to keep an eye out!

How it works

To edit a row inside the drag-and-drop editor, start by clicking on the row.

You will then see the 'Row Properties' panel on the right-hand side of the editor.

Scroll down until you see the new widget labelled 'Customize Columns'.

You can add a new column to the row by clicking 'Add new'. You will see the new column in your row so you add content to it.

You can adjust the width of the columns by holding the dots between the columns and dragging them left or right. You will see your row update in real-time so you can adjust the columns until your campaign looks as you want it to.

You can click on the different columns inside the 'Customize Columns' area which will then show you the elements of that specific column. You can click on 'Delete' to remove the column altogether.


We have added new ways of interacting with your team, directly while designing emails and landing pages. 

With the new Commenting feature, you and your team can streamline collaboration, get work done in less time, and make the overall campaign creation process more efficient.

When clicking on any content block or row, you'll be able to add comments, interact in threads, coordinate on next steps, and mark those threads as solved when they reach an agreement.

 Finally, you and your team can have a single source of truth for feedback & requests, and cut time-to-publish by reducing back and forth conversations on multiple channels.

How it works

To add a comment to an email or landing page, simply click on the relevant row or content block inside the campaign.

You will then see a new commenting icon. Click on this to insert a new comment. 

Type in your comment and click the 'Submit' button when you're done.

To view all comments, click on the 'Show comments' icon in the Content Properties tab. This will show you the number of comments in the thread.

To resolve a thread, click to 'Show Comments' and select 'Resolve' at the top of the thread. You can also reopen the thread if necessary.

To edit or delete a comment you've previously added, click on the three small dots next to the relevant comment. Select the appropriate choice from the two options.

Reverse stacking on mobile

You now have the ability to invert the columns' stacking order on mobile.

If your email or landing page layout has alternating content, you can turn on reverse stacking to ensure that, on mobile, images are consistently displayed above their accompanying content.

How it works

To turn on reverse stacking, click on the row in your email, and under the 'Row Properties' panel on the right-hand side, switch on the toggle for 'Reverse stack order on mobile'.

Remember: You can preview your email whilst designing to see how it will display on mobile devices. This is an important step before hitting send.

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