Wired Plus updates: June 2021

What's new in Wired Plus - June 2021.

  • Updates to listing pages - New and improved listing pages.
  • Editor updates - Hide an entire row on mobile or desktop, copy and paste links, adjust letter spacing and more.

Keep reading to find out more.

Updates to listing pages

We have recently been working on improving the listing pages to make them work better for you, including an improved UI and faster page loading times! 

Here's a look at what has changed:

A new search bar

It is now easier and quicker to find what you're looking for with a new search bar. Whether it's a survey, a campaign, a contact or a landing page, simply click the search bar and start typing the name of the item on the relevant listing page and the results will update in real-time.

Apply tags to multiple items at once

You can now apply tags to multiple items at once, rather than doing it one at a time. Simply select the checkboxes next to the items you want to select, and click the 'Apply tag' action when you're done.

Increase the number of items shown on the page

Previously, on any listing page, you could only view 10 items at a time. Now, you can view up to 200 items at once. 

To edit the number of rows that are displayed, click the number next to 'Rows per page' on the bottom left of the page, and select how many items you would like to be displayed. And you don't need to worry about loading time - whether you're viewing 10 items or 200 items, the page speed will still be super fast.

We have also added the page numbers at the bottom of the screen so you no longer have to keep pressing the 'next page' arrow.

View all of your contacts in one place

Previously, you had to navigate to different areas of the system to view your active, pending or suppressed contacts. Now all of your contacts - regardless of their status - can be found under 'Contacts'. Just simply switch between the different tabs at the top of the page.

Improved filtering options

On any listing page when you click the 'More Filters' button, it's now easier to apply filters. 

Simply select a filter field, set the criteria, click 'Add', and then apply the filter(s). The search results will update.

Click 'More Filters' at any time to edit or remove your selection.

Improved columns customisation

When you click to define which columns you want to be displayed on the page, you will see that the columns view modal has a new and improved look. Simply select the toggles of the columns that you want to be displayed and click 'Save'.

Editor updates

Here's a look at what has changed within the drag-and-drop editor:

Letter spacing

With the new letter spacing feature, you can define a custom value for letter spacing and get more design flexibility when working with text elements. Also, letter-spacing improves text readability and will help keep your brand typography consistent.

It can be found in the Content Properties panel for any text-based content.

The new letter spacing feature applies to the following content blocks:

  • Text
  • Button

By default, the letter spacing is set to 0. You can increase or decrease the amount of space between your letters with the - and symbols found in the Content Properties panel.

Copy & paste links

We have made a small improvement to the text block which now supports copying and pasting links. Previously when copying and pasting text, the editor would strip the formatting to avoid rendering issues. Now, when pasting text that includes a link, the link will copy over.

Hide a row on mobile or desktop

When hiding elements of your email or landing page on mobile or desktop, you can now choose to hide the entire row, rather than having to hide every single content block. 

To use it, select the row you want to hide and then scroll down the Content Properties panel until you see the 'Hide on' option. Select the device you want the row to be hidden on. 

Collapse the text toolbar

Was the text toolbar getting in the way? Now it doesn't have to. When clicking on a text content block within your email or landing page, the text toolbar is automatically displayed. To remove it from your screen, simply click on the small arrows within the toolbar. 

You can click on them again at any time to bring the toolbar back onto the screen. 

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