Wired Plus updates: December 2020

What's new in Wired Plus - December 2020.

  • Updates to Forms - New Forms location, new listing page, and new options in the Form Builder.

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Updates to Forms

We have recently been working on improving your experience with the Forms feature. Here's what has changed:

Forms can now be found under Surveys

Previously, the Forms feature could be found under 'Subscribers' on the main navigation menu, but you will now find it under 'Surveys & Forms' on the navigation bar.

When hovering over 'Surveys & Forms', you will now see two options for Forms in the dropdown menu:

  • Signup Forms
  • Unsubscribe Forms

Please note: You will only see the additional 'Surveys' option if you have this feature enabled on your account. Contact your Account Manager to find out more.

New Signup Forms listing page

We have made some improvements to Signup Forms.

Previously when clicking on 'Forms' you were taken directly to the Form Builder. Once you generated the Form HTML, there was no way to view or track your form.

Now when you click on 'Signup Forms' in your account, you will be taken to a new listing page where you will see all of the signup forms you have previously created.

You will see information against each form - its creation date, last updated date, status, and number of submissions.

Signup Form status

Your form can be in one of three states:

  • Active - Form has been generated and contacts can submit the form;
  • Inactive - Form has been generated but later deactivated - contacts cannot submit the form;
  • Draft - Form has been created or partially created but has not been generated.

Number of form submissions

You can see how many submissions each of your signup forms have received.

Please note: This number is not unique. If the same contact submits your form five times, your number of form submissions will increase by five - not one.

How to create a new form

You now create a new form from the Signup Forms listing page - simply click on the 'Create Signup Form' button.

You will then need to enter a name for your form before clicking 'Create'.

You will then be taken to the Form Builder to build your signup form.

How to rename a form

Please note: Your form might not have a name if you created it before these updates were released. You can easily rename the form to change this.

From the Signup Forms listing page, you can rename your form by clicking on the pencil icon.

Enter the name and click the 'Rename' button.

How to view a form

To view a form, click on the cog icon to the left of the form and select 'View' from the dropdown.

You will then be taken to the Form Preview page where you can view your form and copy its code snippet.

How to edit a form

To view a form, click on the cog icon to the left of the form and select 'Edit' from the dropdown.

You will then be taken to the Form Builder.

How to regenerate a form

If at a later date, you need to copy the form's code snippet - you can access this at any time. Simply click on the cog icon to the left of the form and select 'Regenerate' from the dropdown.

You will then see the form's code snippet.

How to deactivate a form

If you no longer want your form to be active, you can deactivate it. Simply click on the cog icon to the left of the form and select 'Deactivate' from the dropdown.

Click 'Yes' to confirm.

New options in the Form Builder

When you create a new signup form, you will now see two new options when clicking 'Advanced Settings' at the bottom of the Form Builder.

Enable honeypot field

You can now enable a honeypot field. Enabling this will add an extra layer of security to your form by filtering out spam or junk submissions to your form. 

When this option is enabled, a hidden field will be added to your form HTML and any spammy contacts that are captured will not be added to your contact list.

Form language

By default, the language of your form will be set to English. This means that the 'Submit' button of your form will be in English, as well as the automated opt-in confirmation email that follows after submission.

You can change the language of your form from English to French or German. Whatever language you select will automatically update your form language as well as the automated emails that get sent to the contact. The contact will also have the selected language mapped against them in Wired Plus. To find out more about languages in the system, click here.

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