Wired Plus updates: April 2022

What's new in the Wired Plus platform this month:

  • Updates to the Campaign Overview page

Keep reading to find out more.

Improvements to the Campaign Overview page

We have updated the campaign reports 'Overview' page to give it a new look and provide you with a better breakdown of your results.

You will now see that the reporting page has been divided into four categories on the page: Reach, Delivery, Engagement, and Removals. You will find your key metrics under these areas. We have also added visual charts for each area, meaning you can now easily see your results at a glance.

Campaign Delivery

These metrics show how successfully the campaign was delivered to recipients' servers.

Campaign Reach

These metrics show the opens and views of the campaign.

Campaign Engagement

These metrics show the clicks that the campaign received.

Campaign Removals

These metrics show how many unsubscribes the campaign received as well as the drops and bounces the campaigns received. You can read more about campaign removals here.

New: Date range bar and hourly reports

You will see a new date range bar at the top of the page. You can change the start and end dates by hovering your cursor over the date and dragging it until you see your chosen date. As you drag the date, the reports and metrics on the page will update to reflect the new date range. 

The new date range bar also enables you to generate hourly reports. Simply drag the dates so they're at the same position on the bar and the dates match, and you will see the bar charts on the page are displaying hourly results.

New: Faster loading times

Not only have we made improvements to the front end but we've made improvements to the back end, too. Now, particularly when viewing a report for a large campaign send, you might notice the page loads quicker. 

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