Wired Plus system requirements

To get the most out of the Wired Plus platform, we recommend the following specifications.

Supported browsers for using Wired Plus

While our system works well in the most popular browsers, there are a few old or niche browsers that users may find are not suitable for using the application. We operate on these principles:

  • New features should work in all the most popular browsers (Priority 1)
  • Changes to existing features should not cause the system to break in common browsers (Priority 1 and 2)
  • Critical functionality will be tested but each individual feature will not be tested (Priority 3)

This is re-evaluated each quarter to see which browsers are being used to use the application, and these browsers are categorised as Priority 1, 2, and 3.

Priority 1 browsers

All new development and changes are tested in these browsers to ensure functionality.

As of July 2020, our Priority 1 browsers are:

Firefox (Windows)

Firefox (Mac)

Chrome (Windows)

Edge (Windows, current and previous major Chromium-based version)

Priority 2 browsers

There should be no problem with the system when using these browsers, but you may need to switch to a Priority 1 browser to access the system’s latest features and updates.

As of July 2020, our Priority 2 browsers are:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari (Mac)
  • Chrome (Mac)
  • Priority 3 browsers

Priority 3 browsers

Critical pieces of functionality will be tested, but we will not test each priority 3 browser for each function.

As of July 2020, our Priority 3 browsers include:

  • Firefox 11 and earlier
  • Opera
  • Browsers on iOS devices

Please note: Wired Plus requires access to third-party cookies to operate correctly, so you will need to have cookies enabled.

The browsers that didn’t make the cut

To access your Wired Plus account, we recommend not using the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox 11
  • Safari on iPad
  • Safari on iPhone

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