What is WebTrack and how does it work?

What is WebTrack?

Tracking data back to individual contacts can be tricky. WebTrack fills the gaps in your understanding of your contacts’ individual activities and enables you to target contacts based on that activity. 

Once you have started to collect data on your contacts you can build segments of similar groups of people and target them based on their data and behaviours – more relevant messaging results in higher conversion rates.

WebTrack allows you to see which pages they looked at, for how long, and what device they used. Follow up automated campaigns based on these insights will move contacts down the sales pipeline and nearer to conversion.

How does WebTrack work?

WebTrack is a clever and powerful piece of code that sits on your website and tracks visitors to it. It’s not a big bit of code, but don’t let its size fool you. 

WebTrack logs the visitors to your site and ties their activity up with the contact details and information that you have about them in Wired Plus.

If you don’t have their contact details already, it will identify their IP address and then look it up to help you find who the visitor was. This is a great way of finding out who has been on your site and identifying potential new opportunities and leads to target later.

Whether you know who the visitors are or not, the extra insights that you can gain from seeing how visitors are behaving on your website help you to get to know your audience much better.

 Knowing who is visiting and how they are using your website means you can optimise your marketing approaches to real-life data and behaviours that are being shown by real people. This takes all the guesswork out of your marketing strategy and gets you better results.

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