What is lead scoring and how does it work?

What is lead scoring?

A lead score is a simple number that you give to a contact. 

On the Wired Plus platform, you can increase or decrease the number based on how a contact engages with your business. Have they visited your site? Have they opened your email? Clicked on something in your email? Answered your survey? The more they interact with your business, the higher their lead score will be.

You can score your individual contacts based on their actions and interests. This score will then go into a profile of your lead to help you determine how valuable they are to your business, and if they should be passed on to your sales team.

The more qualified a lead is, the quicker they can be passed to your sales team. The ones that don’t meet your criteria can be left with your marketing department for further nurturing.

In Wired Plus, lead scoring is available once you’ve upgraded your account. Chat to your account manager if you want to have a demo or to learn more.

How does it work?

The value of a lead doesn’t stay constant over time. A lead that has a score of 90 today isn’t necessarily going to be as valuable a week or two later. 

By using the custom lead scoring tool in Wired Plus, you can assign a set of rules to be applied any time a lead completes an action that you deem important to the sales process.

Once you have determined a list of characteristics and actions to assign points to, the next step is to design your point system. 

Wired Plus uses a simple scale of 1-100, with 100 points being the top lead score. You can assign ranges to determine whether a contact is a Hot Lead, a Prospect, or a Cold Lead. For example, if a contact fits your buyer persona and they regularly engage with your emails, they might score between 65-100 points. This would be the threshold to label them as a hot lead. If their score is slightly lower, like 50 points, you can categorise them as prospects.  If a lead has been inactive for a while, they might have 10 points, which would make them a cold lead.

When a lead performs a notable action, their lead score will be automatically updated. For instance, submitting a survey might have a score of 5 assigned to it. When a lead submits your survey, the lead score is automatically increased by 5 points.

This automatic increase or decrease makes it easy for you to see at a glance which leads are qualified.

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