View an individual contact's WebTrack activities

WebTrack can be accessed inside your account in 3 locations: via the Apps Library, inside a Segment and via a Contact Record.

In this post, we will see how to access WebTrack data assigned to each contact within your database.

Navigate to the contact record that you want to check by clicking ‘Subscribers’ from the main dashboard. Then, select ‘Contacts’ and choose the contact that you wish to view.

Select the ‘WebTrack’ tab to view a brief overview of your contact data including First Visit Date, Last Visit Date, Total Days Visited, and Average Duration.

These metrics give you a top-level analysis of your contact behaviour and can help with very precise targeting of the contact.

You can then use the data in the ‘Recent Visits’ table to build up a more detailed picture of your contact behaviour. Each visit is assigned a Session ID and contains information including Campaign, IP, Domain, Page, Duration, and Time. 

These pieces of data can also be used inside a segment alongside contact data and campaign behaviour to pull together contacts of the same behaviour.

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