Using the landing page design editor

The first step when designing a landing page in the design editor is to select the layout, theme or saved template you are going to use. 

Once you have selected your design, you can begin adding content in the design editor.


The content tab allows you to drag and drop the type of content you need for your landing page. 

Available content blocks include:

  • Text: Insert a text box into your landing page design.
  • Image: Insert an image into your landing page design by uploading, importing or using a freely available photograph.
  • Button: Encourage landing page visitors to take action. Link the button to specific actions including Open web page, Send Email, Make Call, and Send SMS.
  • Divider: Split your landing page content into sections. Add colour and padding to your divider to increase its prominence.
  • Social: Embed social media buttons onto your landing page to encourage visitors to visit your social profiles.
  • Dynamic Content: Insert a dynamic content block into your landing page. This content element should be used when you wish to embed a survey or form within the design.
  • HTML: Add an HTML snippet to your landing page design. Note this feature should only be used by those familiar with coding.


You can select a different content structure using the ‘Structure’ tab; this impacts how elements of your campaign appear in the editor.  You can choose to structure your content into columns of varying widths and place different content elements beside each other in the editor.

Drag your desired content structure into the landing page editor then embed the content elements within each column.


Using the ‘Body’ tab you can amend the width of your landing page using the blue slider.

Furthermore, the ‘Body’ tab allows you to change the background colour of your landing page.  Note that you can have different background colours for both the content area and the page background outside of the content.

Under the ‘default font’ option you can choose from a number of Web Safe fonts that we have optimised for the Wired Plus system.  The default font is used for the text elements inside of your landing page.

Finally, you can use the ‘Link Colour’ option to select a colour which stands out against the background of your landing page.

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