To create a signup form, select ‘Subscribers’ then ‘Forms’ from the dropdown menu. 

Select the ‘Subscription Form’ or ‘Unsubscribe Form’ accordingly based on how you plan to use the form.

Form Builder

The subscription form designer is split into three sections to make it easier to create forms quickly and easily.

1. Fields

From the first section, select the fields that you want to be included in your form.  Note: that you can only add fields that are available in your contact database. This means the fields will be populated when the form is submitted.

2. Lists

Select the List that you want the data to be added to once the form has been completed.  Note that you can add the data to more than one list if needed.

3. URL

Redirect the user to a webpage once the form has been completed.

Creating The Code Snippet

Create your form using the from designer, then click ‘Create Form’ in the bottom right-hand corner to generate the HTML you require.  You can use the HTML code to embed the form onto your website or landing page.

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