Using the File Manager in the drag-and-drop editor

The File Manager can be used to insert images and files into your email campaigns or landing pages.

You can upload or import your own files, or browse a library of free images. You can also upload PDF files.

All images that you intend to use in your email campaign or landing page will be stored in the File Manager.

To access the file manager, drag an ‘IMAGE’ content block from the content options:

When the file manager is open you can:

Upload images

The ‘Upload’ option allows you to upload an image from a location on your computer.

You can also drag your files into this window.

Import images

The ‘Import’ option allows you to import an image or file from another part of the internet.

Options are available to import images from Facebook, internet storage locations, and other internet accounts including Gmail.

Each option allows you to connect your Wired Plus account to the corresponding account that you wish to connect.

Browse a selection of free images

If you do not own a relevant image that you wish to use for your email campaign or page, select a free image using the ‘Select Free Image’ option.

You can search from a catalogue of stock photographs provided by Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. This is useful if you need to source images for your campaign but don’t have the time or resources to create your own.

A simple search of the catalogue for ‘animals’ returned 170 high-quality images that could be used for an email campaign under the Creative Commons licence.

Search inside the File Manager

Once you have added files and images to your File Manager, you can use the search function to find the image you require at any time. Simply click the ‘Search In Folder’ option in the top right corner of the File Manager to begin searching.

Sort files into folders

To organise your File Manager, place your images into folders. A folder can be created with the icon in the top right corner of the File Manager panel, next to the search bar.

Once the folder has been created, you need to name the folder with a relevant title. When you have finished naming the folder, click the blue tick to add the folder to your File Manager.

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