Using lead scoring for segmentation

After you create a lead scoring model, you can start segmenting your contacts based on their lead scores. This allows you to isolate contacts that you want to target, and improve the success of your campaigns. For example, a contact that scores 40 is a prospect but they’re still not a hot lead, so they’ll need further nurturing. You can segment based on this score so that you can target contacts in specific campaigns.

How to use lead scoring for segmentation

Navigate to ‘Subscribers’ from the main menu and select ‘Segments’ from the dropdown.

Click the ‘Add Segment’ button.

Set a name for your segment. You can also choose to select a list of contacts to segment, and you can assign the segment to a folder so you can organise multiple segments. Then, click ‘Save’.

You then need to add conditions for your segment. Select ‘Add Condition’. 

From the condition types, select 'Subscriber'.

Then, from the ‘condition’ dropdown menu, select either ‘Lead Status’ (to segment either Cold Leads, Prospects or Hot Leads), or ‘Lead Score’.

When you have finished building your segment, click 'Complete & View List' at the bottom of the page. This will then load a list of the subscribers who match your segment rules.

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