API Keys are used to connect Wired Plus to other systems that you may have.

To create an API Key in Wired Plus, navigate to the Settings toggle in the top right-hand corner of the window. Click ‘Settings’ and select the third option using the option on the left-hand menu.

Click ‘Create API Key’ then give your API Key an appropriate name. Choose whether to grant full or restricted access to the system.

Select ‘Save’ to generate your API key. This key can then be used to allow access from your existing system to Wired Plus.

The API will allow you to interact with the Wired Plus system, automating regular and repetitive tasks you might otherwise have to carry out manually. This is useful if you wish to increase your productivity with Wired Plus.

You can use the API to connect almost any system to Wired Plus. Provided your CRM, website or any back-office system also has an API, then it can be quickly connected, allowing you to keep your data easily in sync. Data can be imported and exported according to schedules, and most common tasks available in Wired Plus can be automated via the API.

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