Using a segment to enrol contacts into workflows

Your segments can be used to enrol contacts into marketing automation workflows.

Follow these steps:

Create a new workflow.

Choose “Contact joined segment” from the enrolment rule dropdown. 

Select the segment that you want to use in the workflow.

How to refresh a segment for your workflows

On activation of the workflow, navigate to the 'Segments' page.

Click on the cog icon next to the relevant segment.

Select 'Refresh' from the dropdown. Your segment will be refreshed and the workflow will enrol all of the contacts within that segment.

Please note: The automation workflow will only enrol ALL of the contacts within the segment on the first refresh after the workflow is activated. The automation workflow will only enrol new contacts in that segment every time that the segment is refreshed going forward. (The workflow won’t re-enrol every single contact in that segment when it is refreshed.)

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