Using a double opt-in inside a workflow

There are two ways you can use double opt-in inside a workflow:

1. Auto send double opt-in during enrolment

Once you’ve selected an enrolment type and begun your workflow, there is a checkbox that allows you to check a contact's opt-In status before allowing them to continue through the workflow. 

When the box is ticked a double opt-in email will be sent to contacts matching the criteria automatically, and contacts will be held inside this node until they confirm their subscription.

The double opt-in email will be sent out to any contacts that are NOT already double opt-in verified including double opt-ins, single opt-ins, and unknown opt-ins.

2. Send a double opt-in email using a campaign node

If you add a Campaign Node to your workflow, there is the option to send out a double-opt-in Campaign. 

To do this, select the ‘Advanced’ option inside the Campaign Node and then check the ‘Auto Send Double Opt-In Email’ box.

If you want to send a follow-up email to contacts once they have opted in, use the Campaign node again and select your chosen campaign.

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