Understanding your landing page reports

To navigate to the Landing Page Report select ‘Landing Pages’ from the main dashboard then click ‘Landing Pages’ from the dropdown menu.  From here you will see your list of Active and Draft Landing Pages. 

Click on the name of the landing page that you wish to view and now you will see the landing page report.

The information about your landing page performance is displayed in a graph. There are three metrics you can use for analysis:

  • Impressions: The total number of times that your landing page has been visited. Includes repeat visits.
  • Conversions: The total number of times a page visitor has taken the desired action from your landing page. You can specify the type of conversion you require in the Landing Page Editor.
  • Conversion Rate: The total number of impressions divided by the number of conversions.

The graph displays data on these three metrics from the last 7 days.

You can use these metrics to judge the success of your landing page and to make any changes to future campaigns.

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