Understanding the Lead Summary Report

To get an overall look of your all your contacts’ lead scores at a glance, you can view your analytics in the ‘Summary’ page of Lead Scoring. To access this page, navigate to the ‘Apps’ tab on the main menu and click on ‘Apps Library’. 

You’ll then be navigated to the ‘Leads Summary’ page.

By default, Wired Plus gives three lead categories: Cold leads, Prospects, and Hot Leads. 

From the Summary page, you can see how many leads you have in each category. You will also be able to see this in the form of a graph.

There are default thresholds set up which are:

  • The contacts with a lead score of 30 or below are Cold Leads
  • The contacts with a lead score between 30 and 65 are Prospects
  • The contacts with a lead score over 65 are Hot Leads

When a new contact is added, it will automatically be given ‘Prospect’ status.

You can customise these ranges so they align with your strategy.  To do this, navigate to the ‘Settings’ page in Lead Scoring.  You can set the point value when a contact is flagged as a prospect, and the point value for when they’re flagged as a hot lead.

You can also set the length of an inactivity period when a contact’s lead score is deducted.  The default amount is 7 days.  Read more about working the Activity Decay Period here.

As mentioned, on the Lead Summary page, you will see a graph which will give you an overall look of your leads.  To get a more detailed look, you can zoom in on the graph.  To do this, use the grey scroll bar at the bottom of the graph.  You can shrink the scroll bar to zoom in to the graph, and you can also drag the scrollbar to move along the graph.

Lead Scoring is available in your Wired Plus account.  Chat to your account manager if you want to have a demo or to learn more.

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