Once you have created a survey, you need to share it to the people you want to complete it. The more respondents you have to a survey, the better your results are likely to be.

After creating the survey and selecting the survey settings you need to share your survey to get responses.

On the ‘Confirm and Share’ tab, you can view the ‘Survey Check’ which displays a checklist.

 Use the checklist to ensure that your survey has all the necessary components. If your survey is missing an essential component, the survey creation tool will not allow you to publish.

To share your survey, copy the link in the middle section of the page.  This link allows you to share the survey in email campaigns and on social media. 

Please note: you can also link directly to your survey from a landing page or email campaign by choosing this from your list of ‘Special Links’.

Alternatively, you can embed the survey onto your website using the code at the bottom of the ‘Confirm and Share’ tab.  This allows you to target website visitors, encouraging more responses.  The code ensures that the responses to your survey are all captured and fed back into the system.

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