A lead score is a simple number that you give to a lead based on how a contact engages with your brand. A lead scoring system lets you prioritise leads based on specific criteria and determine how likely a lead is to purchase from you. 

To have access to Lead Scoring in your Wired Plus account, chat to your account manager.

Get started with lead scoring

To set it up, navigate to the ‘Apps’ tab on the main menu and select ‘Lead Score’. 

You’ll then be navigated to the ‘Leads Summary’ page. Here, you’ll be able to see the categories which your leads will be put in based on their individual scores. 

By default, Wired Plus gives three lead categories: Cold leads, Prospects, and Hot Leads. When a new contact is added, it will automatically be given ‘Prospect’ status.

From here, you can navigate to the ‘Settings’ page to set your lead score values.

There are four Lead Scoring categories which you can set rules for –

  • Email engagement – customise the point value for email opens and email clicks.
  • Landing Page engagement – customise the point value that will be allocated to a contact when a landing page is viewed.
  • Survey engagement – customise the point value that will be allocated to a contact when they complete a survey.
  • Persona score – customise the point value for known personal information of a contact.

For each category, you will see a default score which we have set. You can increase or decrease these values based on what your strategy is.

You can set a custom score against your active email campaigns, landing pages and surveys. This lets you assign the score that will be assigned to a contact when they carry out a specific action.

As well as assigning scores in these four categories, you can manually set a score to an individual contact when they engage with you.

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