How to send a test of your email campaign before sending

Before you send your campaign, you need to test it to make sure your email renders correctly and is displaying as required.

To do this, when building your email campaign, click ‘Options’ in the bottom left of the screen and click ‘Send Test Email‘.

Choose the contacts you wish to send the campaign to, and select whether to send the HTML, plain text, or both versions to your test list.

Alternatively, you can send a test email during the ‘Test & Schedule‘ stage of the build:

Click on ‘Send Test Email’ to see a list of any available testers inside your list.

Choose to send an HTML, plain text, or both versions of the email to your selected recipients.

Test sends

A test send will send a copy of your email to the selected test email addresses. The subject line will begin with ‘Test:’. Tracking is not enabled for test sends.

Different email clients will display HTML differently, so it’s wise to test your email in a number of clients, i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail etc. You can also use the ‘Preview’ tool to view how your email will appear on different devices.  Your email should be mobile optimised to ensure that it can render for the majority of email recipients.

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