Before you activate an automation workflow in Wired Plus, you have the chance to review it.

Enrolment Criteria: Check the enrolment rule that will be used to trigger the workflow you have created. Make sure this is consistent with your reason to create the automation workflow.

Re-enrolment Criteria: Check how often you have selected for your contact to be re-enrolled in your workflow. Remember, when a contact is re-enrolled in a workflow, they will always enter the workflow from the beginning. This means that they will complete all workflow actions again, such as receiving any automated emails.

Nodes: View the number and type of nodes used within your automation workflow.  Make sure that your automation workflow is complete.

You can choose to edit the enrolment rule, the re-enrolment rule and nodes within your workflow by clicking ‘Edit’ on the right-hand side of the review pane.

Once you have finished checking the workflow, you can choose to activate it or continue without activating. Note that ‘Continue without Activating’ will save your workflow in the drafts folder.

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