Reviewing and sending your email

Once you have completed your email campaign design, you will be able to review the email before you send it. 

This will be on step 5 of the campaign build – ‘Confirm & Send’. 

The review campaign panel highlights any issues or potential problems with your campaign. The campaign review covers the following areas:

  • Address – The sending address and where campaign replies will be forwarded to.
  • Campaign Send – When the email is scheduled to send. You will also see if the email has been tested.
  • Recipients – The number of contacts who will receive the email campaign.
  • Subject Line – The subject line that you created for the email.
  • HTML Content – This will tell you if you have an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in your email, as well as the size of your email.
  • Plain Text Content – A plain text version of the email must be created as well as your HTML version.

If there are any outstanding issues being show, you might not be able to send your email until you have resolved them.

You can click ‘Edit’ next to any campaign element that is flagged for your attention. 

The ‘Edit’ link directs you back to the section of the campaign that you need to amend. Once the amendment has been completed, you can navigate back to the review campaign page by clicking the ‘Save and Continue‘ link at the bottom of the page.

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