Reduce a lead score based on a contact's inactivity

Based on how you have configured lead scoring, leads will begin accumulating score values based on the data you have gathered about them, as well as their levels of engagement. However, if your lead hasn’t been active within a certain amount of time, you may want to deduct from their score to indicate that lack of engagement.

In the settings page of Lead Scoring, you can set the length of the inactivity period when a contact’s lead score is deducted.  The default amount is 7 days.

You can also set the custom deductible score that will be assigned to an inactive contact when they’re a Prospect or a Hot Lead.  When a contact is a Cold Lead, you might want to set the custom deductible score to be lower, so that their lead score decreases at a slower rate.

Lead Scoring is available in your Wired Plus account. Chat to your account manager if you want to have a demo or to learn more.

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