Publishing and sharing your landing page

Landing pages serve as the point on a website where the user enters and can help to drive conversions. They can also be created as stand-alone pages, to hold a survey or as part of an email campaign process.

Publish a landing page

Once you have created the landing page in the landing page design editor, click ‘Publish’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. 

The landing page will then appear in the ‘Active’ tab on the Landing Page section of the dashboard.

Please note: In order to link to a Landing Page in an email campaign, you must first publish the landing page. The landing page must be published before you begin the email campaign creation process.

You can analyse the performance of your published landing pages on the ‘Summary’ tab of the Landing Page section or under Account Summary reports.

Share a landing page

Once you have created a landing page, you may wish to share this on other marketing channels. 

In order to share a published landing page, you need to select the landing page under Landing Pages > Active > click the name of the page and choose 'Open Link'.

Your page will open in a new window, and you can use this URL to share the page.

Unpublish a landing page

There are two ways to unpublish a landing page.

To unpublish a landing page from the ‘Active’ tab of the ‘Landing Page’ section, click on the bezel to the left of the landing page name you wish to remove.  Click ‘Un-Publish’.

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