Personalise your email with merge tags

You can personalise your subject line, from name, reply email address, and email content with merge tags.

What is a merge tag?

Merge tags are something that we use to gather data on an individual contact level.

You can insert merge tags in your email which will populate with the recipient’s unique data that you hold for them, for example, the contact’s name, company, email address, or gender. You can also use merge tags to include product, cart, or order information.

When you insert the merge tag, you will see something like {{CONTACT_FIRST_NAME}} – when the email sends, the contact will see the first name that you have for them, instead of the merge tag.

Personalising your subject line, from name, and reply address

To include a merge tag, click on the ‘Insert Personalisation’ icon  – you will find this next to the relevant fields on stage 1 of your email build. 

After clicking the icon, a side modal will appear where you can then choose which merge tag you’d like to use. Click on the name of the merge tag to add this into your subject line or from name box.

Your merge tag will look something like {{CONTACT_FIRST_NAME}}

This merge tag will populate for the recipient based on the data you have against them. So, for example, if the recipient's name is 'Sarah' and your subject line is 'Welcome {{CONTACT_FIRST_NAME}}', they will see 'Welcome Sarah'.

Please note: If you are using personalisation for the reply address, these will not be tracked inside your campaign reports.

Personalising your email content

When you’re using a text content block, the text toolbar allows you to insert personal information relating to each recipient. This will be placed within the body of the template.

To use personalisation, move your cursor to where you’d like it to appear, and click on the ‘Merge tags’ button on the ribbon.

Click the name of the field you want to insert; this will insert a place holder in your campaign. When you send out your campaign, the data is populated into that place holder inside your campaign.

For those contacts that have no data available, it will automatically use the default value for that data field, based on your choice.

To change the default value that appears, go to Subscribers > . Use the cog icon to edit your field, and then input your default value in the modal:

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