Manually add a lead score for a contact

In your Wired Plus account, navigate to ‘Subscribers’ on the main menu, and click ‘Contacts’ from the dropdown menu. 

You’ll then be able to see the lead scores of your active subscribers, as well as whether they’re a Cold Lead, a Prospect, or a Hot Lead. When a new contact is added, it will automatically be given ‘Prospect’ status.

To manually change the lead score of an individual contact, click on your contact’s email address to view their profile. Then, in their ‘Activities’, click on the small trophy icon.

You will then be able to see their lead score history. To manually adjust their lead score, click the plus sign icon. You can then assign a custom score, and describe the reason for that score.

Remember: It won’t let you save the manual lead score if you don’t enter a reason.

Clicking ‘Save’ will update the contact’s lead score.

Lead Scoring is available in your Wired Plus account. Chat to your account manager if you want to have a demo or to learn more.

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