Add a page

If you wish to split your survey into more than one page, then you can add more by clicking ‘Add Page’ at the bottom of the page in the ‘Create’ tab. You can click between the different page numbers by clicking on the left and right arrows.

In the ‘Design’ step, you can view the extra pages of your survey by clicking ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page. Your users can move between pages to update their answers before they submit their final response.

Page branching

Page branching allows you to create your survey with multiple routes, and respondents will only see the questions that are relevant to them. The next page in your survey that they see will be based on how they answer their current question.  The custom path that a respondent will take through your survey will depend on the rules that you define for them.

  • Create the first question that you want to branch from by selecting ‘Multiple Choice’ or ‘Dropdown’.
  • Click on the page branching icon Survey page branching next to each answer to define which page you want the respondent to be directed to.

Change the order of pages

If you want to rearrange the pages in your survey, on the page you wish to move, click on the ‘Survey Actions’ icon and select ‘Move Page‘. You can then choose where you want to move your page.

Copy an existing page

If you want to make a copy of a page in your survey, click on the ‘Survey Actions’ icon and select ‘Copy Page‘. You can then choose where you want the copied page to be in your survey.

Save a page as a template

If you want to save a page as a template so you can use it in a future survey, click on the ‘Survey Actions’ icon and select ‘Save as Template‘. 

The page will then be added to your templates so you can choose to use it in the future.

To use a page that you’ve previously saved, click ‘Add page’ at the bottom of the Survey Builder and select ‘Add Page From Template’. This will open a list of the pages that you’ve saved. Click the green plus icon next to the page that you want to add.

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