New contacts can be added to your Wired Plus account in a number of ways including:

  • Through subscription forms
  • Manually
  • Through a CSV file upload

In this article, we’re looking at how to add contacts by importing them from a file.

How to import new contacts

To import contacts one by one, you may already know which list they should be assigned to. If this is the case go to Subscribers > Lists and then choose your list by clicking on the name and add your contacts using the button in the top right.

  • To add a file of contacts, add these directly into a list as above, or via Subscribers > Contacts and then click on the dropdown next to ‘Add Contact’ and click 'Import Contacts'
  • Choose a file to upload – remember this needs to be a CSV file
  • Click the dropdown to associate this file to a list
  • Click ‘Save’ to start the upload

The Import Contact pane allows you to select a list where your contact will be added.  Although you can add the contact to a list after they have been added to the database, adding them to the list at the point of import is quicker and more convenient.

You are also required to state the opt-in type for the contacts. A contact can belong to one of four types: 

  • Not Opted-In - The contact has not opted in to receive marketing communications but can still be contacted due to legitimate interest or for transactional  messages (non-marketing purposes)
  • Single - The contact has opted in to receive marketing communications
  • Double - The contact has opted in to receive marketing communications and has been verified outside of Wired Plus
  • Verified Double - The contact has opted in to receive marketing communications and has been verified inside Wired Plus - they have confirmed their opt-in choice through the opt-in trigger email.

Once you click 'Process' the following will occur:

  • You will be taken to the mapping stage. This is the process of matching your columns in your CSV file to the fields inside Wired, for example ensuring the first name in your file is matched to the first name field inside Wired.
  • If your columns inside the CSV match a field in Wired Plus, it will automatically fill out the field for you.
  • Alternatively, you can create new custom fields at this point, or skip fields if you do not wish to import these values.

Once you have initiated this process, your contacts will be imported into your contact database. 

View the progress of your imports 

You can view the progress of your imports by going to Subscribers > Import to check the status and the number of records added to your account.

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