How to create a segment of non-openers

Segmentation is the division of a contact list into smaller groups based on shared interests, behaviours, or characteristics. 

You can segment contacts based on any data field that you have collected.

Typically, segmentation is used in email marketing to deliver a more personalised experience to subscribers.

In this article, will discuss how to create a segment of non-openers (contacts who received your email campaign but didn't open it).

How to create a segment of non-openers

To create a new segment, hover over ‘Subscribers’ on the navigation bar and select ‘Segments‘ from the dropdown menu. 

Click ‘Add Segment‘ in the top right-hand corner to get started.

You will then be taken to the 'Segment Detail' page. Here you can enter a name for your segment, and assign it to a folder.

When you’re done, click ‘Save‘ to start building your segment.

Under 'Include Conditions', click ‘Add condition‘.

Select 'Campaign' from the condition types.

From the 'Criteria' dropdown, select 'was sent'.

Click on the 'Campaign' dropdown and enter the name of the relevant campaign you want to create the segment for.

Click on the name, and click 'Save' at the bottom of the modal.

You will then see this condition has been added to the Segment Builder.

You now need to create another condition to include non-openers.

To do this, click 'Add AND section'.

Select 'Campaign'.

From the 'Criteria' dropdown, select 'did not open', and enter your relevant email again. (The bottom two settings are optional, you can leave these blank.)

Click 'Save'.

You will then see both conditions inside the Segment Builder.

Click 'Complete & View list' at the bottom of the builder, and then select 'Yes' to generate the segment of contacts.

You will then see a list of the contacts who didn't open the relevant campaign.

To send to this segment of contacts, you can select it from step 3 of your email campaign build.

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