How to create a new signup form

You can create and embed a signup form to capture data and add contacts to a certain list in your account. For example, a signup form for your email newsletter.

How to create a new signup form

To create a new signup form, hover over ‘Surveys & Forms’ on the navigation menu, and then select ‘Signup Forms’ from the dropdown menu. 

Click the 'Create Signup Form' button in the top right.

Enter a name for your form before clicking 'Create'.

You will then be taken to the Form Builder to build your signup form.

Step 1: Using the Form Builder

This is broken down into 5 different sections:

  1. Choose the fields to include in the form - Select the fields that you want to be included in your form. Please note: You can only add fields that are available in your contact database. This means the fields will be populated when the form is submitted.
  2. Select the list(s) you wish to populate with contact data - Select the contact list that you want the data to be added to once the form has been completed. Please note: You can add the data to more than one list if needed.
  3. Enter a URL to redirect the user to once they have submitted the form - Redirect the user to a webpage once the form has been completed.
  4. Enter a valid email address where you wish the confirmation to be sent to (optional) - Set up an email notification for when your form is submitted.
  5. Enter a subject line for the confirmation email (optional) - Create a subject line for the confirmation email.

You can also click on 'Advanced options' at the bottom of the Form Builder to set some additional settings to your form.

The additional options are:

  • Enable honeypot field - Enabling this will add an extra layer of security to your form by filtering out spam or junk submissions to your form. When this option is enabled, a hidden field will be added to your form HTML and any spammy contacts that are captured will not be added to your contact list.
  • Form language - By default, the language of your form will be set to English. This means that the 'Submit' button of your form will be in English, as well as the automated opt-in confirmation email that follows after submission. You can change the language of your form from English to French or German.
    Whatever language you select will automatically update your form language as well as the automated emails that get sent to the contact. The contact will also have the selected language mapped against them in Wired Plus. To find out more about languages in the system, click here.

Once you have finished building your form, click 'Generate Form' to move onto the next step.

Step 2: Generating your form

After generating your form, you will be taken to the 'Signup Form Preview' page.

Here, you will see a preview of your form and its code snippet.

Copy and the code to embed the form onto your website or landing page.

If you want to go back and edit your form, click on the 'Edit Signup Form' in the top right.

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