How is the delivery rate calculated?

When analysing the performance of an email campaign, it's important to consider the delivery rate. 

This is an important metric as not all the emails you send will be delivered to their intended recipient. The delivery rate is calculated as a percentage and can be calculated with the following formula:

(Total Number of Email Sends – Number of Bounces)/Number of Emails Sent x 100

A delivery rate of 100% means that all the emails sent in the campaign were delivered to their intended recipients. Maintaining your delivery rate is important to campaign success.

Emails which fail to deliver can be categorised: Hard Bounce or Soft Bounce.

A hard bounce occurs when the email fails to deliver because of a permanent issue such as a non-existent email account or misspelt email address.

A soft bounce occurs when the email fails to deliver because of a temporary problem such as if the inbox of the recipient is full, the email file size is too large or there is a problem with the email server.

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