Getting started: Working with the Marketing dashboard

The Marketing dashboard shows you can overview of your recent marketing activities. 

To access the Marketing dashboard, click on the ‘Marketing’ tab from any dashboard view.

In this article, we will explain what each section shows.

Top-level account metrics

At the top of the Marketing dashboard, you will see four sections showing different metrics.

  • Active Subscribers: The total number of active contacts in your database.
  • Campaigns in Draft: The number of email campaigns that are currently in ‘Draft’ – they have been partially created but they haven’t been sent. If you have Automation enabled on your account, this number will include your regular campaign drafts and your trigger campaign drafts.
  • Campaigns Sent: The total number of email campaigns sent from your account.
  • Sends Remaining: The number of sends that are available to use on your account.  ake sure you have enough sends for upcoming campaigns and contact an Account Manager if your sends are running low and you require more.

Latest sent campaigns

In this section, you will see a list of the five most recent campaigns that were sent from your account. 

You can see a basic overview of how each campaign performed. View the total number of contacts each campaign was sent to, as well as how many opens, clicks, and unsubscribes they received.

You can also click on each campaign name to get a more in-depth look at the reports.

Recent interactions

At the bottom of the Marketing dashboard, you can view your most recent campaign engagements. 

You can switch between three different views:

  • Campaign Engagements: Monitor the opens and clicks of your recent email campaigns day-by-day.
  • Landing Page Interactions: See how many visitors your landing pages have received since their publication date. Select a landing page to view more detailed information.
  • Survey/Form Submissions: See how many of your contacts have submitted a survey or form to your website. Select a survey to view more detailed information.

Today’s tasks

Any tasks are that are due to be done today will show up here.

Today’s events

Any events are that are scheduled for today will show up here.

Recent activities

This is simply a list of the most recent interactions on your campaigns.

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